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St. Joseph Radiation Oncology Linear Accelerator Replacement

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

504 6th Street, Lewiston, ID 83501

This St. Joseph Regional Medical Center project was a 2,080 sq. ft. interior space renovation to meet the Elekta specifications for the new Linear Accelerator. This project was successfully completed under the 5.11% GMP. When 5.36% in changes for unforeseen or owner added work is factored in, the project finished 10.47% under GMP. This project presented a challenge with the heavy concrete demolition that was required. The Linear accelerator room is surrounded with 3’ thick concrete floor, 6’ thick concrete walls and 2’ thick concrete ceiling. These walls and especially the floor needed modification to meet Elekta requirements for the new equipment. A controlled demolition was required to keep facility operations from disruption. Noise and dust control were a major concern, so necessary dust control measures were implemented and tested. The work was then scheduled to successfully meet noise control requirements.

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